Winery Gospoja PZ was founded in 1995 by the families Toljanić & Brusić, dedicated to the production of autochthonous Žlahtina from Vrbnik.

Experience and great efforts have come together in a common story, and have resulted in significant success on the domestic and as well international markets. The main focus of Gospoje PZ has been and still is the production of high-quality wine since their beginning. The product range includes:

• Žlahtina (white wine)

• Red Wine Gospoja

• Misno vino (desert wine)

• Sparkling beer of Žlahtina grapes

• Champagne Gospoja

• Dropica liquor of grapes

• Herbal liquor

• Medica liquor of honey

• Smokvica liquor of figs


Success confirms with 1st place gained at Vinitaly 2018, for Champagne Gospoja.

The products of Gospoja PZ are as well offered in our tasting shops. If you do not have time to come and visit Vrbnik, and you are saddened to our Žlahtina, contact us at the following adress: